Thanks so much for your patience, as it’s been too long since our last post! Upon coming down from the craziness that is Thanksgiving every year, we had to ramp right back up for the tail end of wedding season; hence our absence from the blog. But wedding season is officially winding down now, with only a handful left this year!

With that being said, I wanted to thank all of the couples we worked with this year. It truly was a pleasure, and an absolute honour, to be able to play a small role in your big day. I got to deal with so many wonderful couples, as well as visit too many beautiful venues to name here! (Maybe I’ll do a post in the future listing some of our favourite venues). One of my favourite things about making wedding cakes has been seeing the venues upon delivery. Usually by the time we arrive with the cake, the florists, caterers, and event coordinators (and even brides or grooms in some cases) have already worked their magic on the space. We have seen it all; from rustic barn receptions, to venues full of glitz and glamour, to intimate home weddings, and everything in between. It’s one of the best parts of the job! Another perk is that we have crossed paths with so many talented vendors during these deliveries that we otherwise wouldn’t have.

This wedding in Caledon took place on a perfect fall day, and as you can see from the video, SO many thoughtful touches went into this reception. From the flowers, to the table settings, to the labels for the cakes… Which brings me to the cakes! This couple opted to do several smaller cakes (and one three tiered cake), which is a look I adore for a dessert table. Obviously in some cases, one large tiered cake is the most appropriate option/makes the most sense/will look best, but several smaller naked cakes was exactly what this venue called for.

Even for an event other than a wedding, you could consider doing more than one single tier cake, to add some variety/visual interest to the dessert table. Something to keep in mind with the holidays coming up!