Our new cake menu goes live next week! Although we’ve always practiced seasonal baking, I am so excited to be introducing an all. new. cake menu. New flavours, and a new look.

When we first opened the bakery, we did not set out to offer custom cakes. But along the way, we started making all these little changes to our cakes upon request, to the point where we are not doing what we set out to; which was flavour-focused, seasonal cakes, with a distinct look to them. We appreciate the time and labour that goes into beautiful and intricate fondant cakes! It's just not something that we are able to offer.

So beginning in October, all of our cakes will only be available “as is”. We will be able to include messages on the cakes or cake boards ("Happy Birthday", etc.), but we will no longer be offering customizations such as coloured buttercream, semi-naked finishes (unless that is the design of the cake), or drips (again, unless that is part of the design of the cake). We hope that by doing this, we'll be able to accommodate more orders, and encourage you to maybe try a new flavour!

We also wanted our cakes to be finished a little more organically, so the outside of the cake reflects the flavours inside. Plus, we work hard on all those layers, we'd love for you to see them! And I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t love it if you saw one of our cakes, and immediately knew “that’s a nutmeg cake!”

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. We hope you understand, and are as excited about the new menu as we are!