Tim & I get a lot of questions about how we balance running a business - especially one that is so physically demanding, and with such crazy hours! - with raising our two young boys (Beck is two, and Max is just over 6 months).

Like most bakeries, Saturday is by far our busiest day of the week. Tim gets up to go into work at midnight on Friday night, just as I’m going to bed, in order to make it into the bakery by 12:30am. Bread & croissants are an hours long process, so in order for things to be on the counter by 8am, he needs to get things started by then.

Sarah typically arrives at 5am (earlier if its an especially busy day, order-wise). She makes the cookies, bars, tarts, & biscuits for the counter, as well as helps to finish pastries and bread. Haleigh arrives at 7:30 to set up the counter, and begin packing up orders.

Mid-morning, I bring the kids up to the bakery, and they have a visit with Tim while I finish up a few cake orders before lunch. We have lunch at the bakery and then I take the kids home. Sometimes we go check out the Newmarket Farmers’ market, but this particular day was just waayy too hot. After working an 11 hour morning, Tim comes home, and is able to squeeze in a nap with both kids.

While the boys are all napping, I head back to the bakery to finish some more cakes. We happen to have a wedding cake delivery today, which I need to finish, in addition to more cakes for store pickup. Sarah is usually still there on Saturdays when I return, so it works out well that Tim and I trade off watching the kids with being at the bakery, as two of us can comfortably work at the same time. Our kitchen is relatively small (for a professional kitchen), and when all three of us are working alongside each other, it can feel a little tight!

After the kids wake from their nap (okay, Tim has to wake them), they come back to the bakery to help me on the wedding cake delivery. A smaller cake I could have delivered myself, but today’s is three-tiers, so I need Tim’s help opening all of the doors into the venue. It’s a local venue, so delivery goes nice and smoothly. Once there, I set up the cake with the couples’ topper and flowers provided by the florist, and then we are back to the bakery to clean up and close.

And that’s a typical Saturday for us! I hope this also sheds some light on why we sometimes sell out of certain products. Bread and croissants are an hours-long process (which is already started at 12:30am!), so if we sell out of, say, cinnamon croissants at lunchtime, it’s not so easy to just “whip up” another batch. We also bake as much as possible every day; including multiple batches of croissants, cookies, & bars throughout the day - but we still recommend placing an order to ensure you get what you’re looking for :)